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Design and installation of holodosnazheniya, air

In an extensive list of services provided by the enterprise " KHLADOTEHNIKA " includes design refrigeration systems , air conditioning and ventilation , as well as a full range of supply, installation and commissioning and maintenance of all of the above systems. The company carries out projects of any complexity as during the construction of the object, and in times of operation. Installation of air conditioning and other equipment implies .

Over the years, as our clients proved to large commercial and industrial enterprises , leading manufacturers of products for various purposes, factories, hotels , supermarkets, transport and other companies that are in their immediate action requires air conditioning systems, ventilation and cooling systems .

Several benefits of cooperation with the company " KHLADOTEHNIKA »:

  • We provide a full cycle of works from preliminary estimates to create the project and to postobsluzhivaniya ;
  • Air conditioning and ventilation depending on the object of their installation require their implementation process , so that in his work " KHLADOTEHNIKA " focused on the specifics of the customer and direct characteristics of the object;
  • comprehensive solution to all issues of technological equipment : refrigeration systems , ventilation and air conditioning can be installed at the same time , there is no need to search for specialized contractors;
  • staff of our company consists exclusively of highly qualified professionals with a wealth of practical experience , who are always happy to provide consultative support regarding installation of air conditioning and comfortable and technical conditioning , ventilation, air ships, etc. ;
  • Terms of execution of such works as design refrigeration systems , air conditioning and ventilation - minimal and adapt to the wishes of the customer . All projects are carried out for reasons of reliability and durability ;
  • cost of enterprise " KHLADOTEHNIKA " enough variability. In the search for components and equipment for refrigeration and other industrial facilities , our staff put important emphasis on budget.