Comfort air conditioning systems

Comfortable air-conditioning system designed to create and automatically maintain the temperature, relative humidity, cleanliness and air velocity, corresponding to the optimal health and hygiene requirements.

Currently, all the shopping, entertainment and business centers are full of a variety of heat-generating equipment (office equipment, game machines, technological equipment bowling alley, cinema, etc.), have dense windows, do not let the fresh air in the room, and the surface of the outer glass transmits more the amount of solar energy. These factors may adversely affect the health, well-being and even human health with a long stay in these areas.

Therefore, modern buildings are in need of artificial climate systems that create favorable conditions for the person. At night a person consumes about 15 kg of air. The quality of the air, its parameters are largely dependent on air conditioning systems comfortable.

Our company performs design and installation of equipment of comfort air conditioning systems buildings for various purposes (office, retail and entertainment centers, hotels, fitness centers, homes and cottages) in Ukraine.

In the design of air conditioning and ventilation systems at each site, we use an individual approach, which aims to create the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective system to accomplish the task. To select the optimum system for each case considered several options for devices of air conditioning systems.

The air conditioning system - working principle

The air conditioning system of small objects, as a rule, is based on freon air conditioning system with direct boiling refrigerant (freon) in the indoor unit. The system consists of external and internal blocks interconnected freon highways. A single outdoor unit can connect several indoor units, such systems are called multi-zone. With direct cooling system can operate as a cooling and heating for premises (heat pump mode). Some modern systems can operate in heat pump mode to the outside air temperature of -20 ° C or even -25 ° C. This allows the use of these systems in the southern regions of the device without additional heating. But in many systems operate in heating mode is limited to outdoor temperatures -7 ...- 15 ° C, so they require a parallel installation of heating systems or retrofitting heaters (in the case of air-conditioned channel type).

For large sites with lots of space, requiring an independent temperature control, mainly used air-conditioning system based on the equipment "chiller - fan coil." Cold source in such systems is water cooled machine (chiller). Chiller is a complete chiller for cooling liquid (water or antifreeze). The cooled liquid by means of circulating pumps in the system is piped to the local air conditioning - Air cond. Fan coil is installed inside the serviced apartments is a unit comprising a filter, water heat exchanger, fan and control panel. Fan coil units (as well as indoor units freon systems) have a variety of designs, which can be used in any interior.

Unit can also run on heating in transitional periods of the year (models with heat pump).

System "chiller-fan coil" is very convenient because it does not require the device parallel to the heating system. If there is a building independent boiler system with fan coil units can operate in heating, while using the same fan coil units, circulation pumps and piping as for cooling buildings, only the water flow through the chiller is not, and in the boiler room (or teplopunkt).

Air heating (fan coil) has significant advantages over a radiator: more compact aggregates (due to forced air flow necessary heat exchange surface is much smaller), the system has less inertia (faster set temperature is reached in the room), the coolant temperature can be significantly lower (about 60 ... 50 ° C) instead of the traditional 90/70 ° C in the heating radiator.

Often (in elite hotels and buildings with varying heat loads) there is a need simultaneous cooling and heating of different areas.

This object is achieved by the four-unit system. In fan coil units with two heat exchangers (cooler and heater) is supplied in parallel from the chiller refrigerant and heat transfer fluid from the boiler, and the user using the remote control selects the desired mode of him.

Also, this problem is solved VRF-systems with heat recovery. This system allows simultaneous mode of heating and cooling in rooms with different temperature loads. The system is a year-round and has a high energy efficiency: in certain modes of operation for each invested 1 kW of electricity accounts for more than 5 kW of heat or cold.

Clean Indoor Air - a pledge of comfort

For a comfortable stay of the person in the room except the specified temperature and relative humidity must also maintain clean air. This problem is particularly acute in areas without natural ventilation in rooms crowded with people, with the release of odors, etc.

To this end, modern buildings are equipped with forced ventilation air.

Ventilation systems can be combined with air-conditioning systems, ie one unit, equipped with additional automation, can solve the problem of air conditioning and ventilation air (eg, channel air conditioning). This variant is common in SLE shops, restaurants, cinemas, etc.

Also, the problem can be solved by individual ventilation units (supply, exhaust or air handling units). This variant is common in buildings with a variety of serviced apartments (office buildings, office buildings, hotels, etc.). Supply unit supplies the premises served by a system of ducts and diffusers fresh, pre-processed (refined, hot or cold) air handling unit and removes stale air. The system is controlled through a system of automation. The system «chiller-fan coil" ventilation units are equipped with water coils (chiller / air). In freon cooling systems for the supply air units are equipped with the evaporator and condensing unit, and for heating supply air in the cold season - water or electric heater.

Heating or cooling outside air requires a lot of energy, which is particularly felt at high rates of air exchange (restaurants, night clubs, etc.). So often to save energy use air handling units with heat recovery. In these plants, winter warm exhaust air is used to heat the fresh, cool air in the summer and removed from the premises, cools the warm supply air. This can significantly reduce the operating costs for gas and electricity needed to heat the incoming air in the cold season and cool in the warm. Depending on the type of heat exchanger efficiency reaches 60 ... 70%.

To ensure efficient and reliable operation of our systems we use only reliable time-tested equipment with a solid reputation throughout the world: Daikin, Trane, Ciat, Wolf, Rosenberg, Mitsubishi Electric, Systemair, SWEP, Wilo and others.

Years of experience allow us to successfully carry out any tasks. Currently implemented complex and important projects on the equipment of air conditioning systems, comfortable facilities for various purposes.

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Продолжаются работы на плавучем кране "ЭКСПЕРТ 3"
Продолжаются работы на плавучем кране "ЭКСПЕРТ 3"