Ventilation systems and equipment

The main activity of the company " KHLADOTEHNIKA " is to work with the climate system, which are an integral part of creating an optimal climate in supermarkets and stores various kinds. Ventilation systems and air conditioning systems , heating is carried out by our company for a long time, which allows us to talk about as a company with extensive experience in the practical implementation of projects of any complexity . Air conditioning and ventilation are important for many reasons, which arise from the basic functions of the system hardware :     Maintaining a given temperature , which is an important precondition for effective work conditions of employees and safety of various headings ( food in particular) ;     Adjusting humidity and other parameters ( mobility , pollution , etc.);     Inflow of fresh air flow . Ventilation and air conditioning - especially important for industrial buildings and warehouses jobs supermarkets and shops. For realization of the enterprise goals , ventilation systems and equipment must meet high quality indicators , such as how in the installation ( installation ) and the materials themselves , is taken to ensure that our team of highly specialized professionals. Individual approach to work , the complex decision of microclimate Its customers , the company " KHLADOTEHNIKA " offers a full cycle of works , which eliminates the need to turn to other contractors . The range of our services includes technical development of systems such as air conditioning and ventilation design, installation works, carrying out commissioning. However, after delivery of our relationship with the customer does not end there . Required -Hour service , consulting support on the equipment always available to each customer . The success and reliability of our company we are not talking , because among our satisfied customers number of large industrial organizations , as well as many well-known commercial enterprises and chain stores . In particular, ventilation and air conditioning have been implemented in various cities Homes Trade of Ukraine , indoors supermarket "ATB" (Voznesensky ) , in the shopping center «CityCenter», as well as many other sites of this kind. Familiarize yourself with our facilities for air conditioning , heating and ventilation of shops and supermarkets in corresponding section of our site .