Refrigeration equipment, cooling chamber (Ukraine)

Modern professional refrigerating Ukraine - is the necessary equipment in the inventory as a small grocery store or coffee shop , and a huge supermarket or warehouse . We provide refrigeration equipment small and large enterprises in the light industry , including:     PepsiCo Sandora     Zgurovsky branch of PJSC " Yagotynsky butter " " Yagotinsky for children"     Kaniv ( " Cheese Club " )     Karlovskiy dry milk plant     Bashtansky cyrzavod " Slavia "     Zolotonisky creamery     Kryzhopolsky Cheese Factory ( TM " Tulchinka " ) We offer refrigeration equipment Ukraine all types : coolers , cooling chamber of the " ice water " transport refrigerators and all necessary ancillary equipment . We offer affordable purchase of refrigeration equipment in Ukraine with the best price-quality ratio . With the base, the company acquired " KHLADOTEHNIKA ", you can raise the level of the enterprise, be checked by the manufacturer for its customers and a reliable partner for other companies. Long service life , the ability to set the conditions of storage , continuity in the work - the main advantages enjoyed by industrial cold from " KHLADOTEHNIKA ." Coolers. cooling chamber We will carry out the drafting of the refrigerating chamber , supply the necessary components , all are responsible for installation and commissioning, operational documentation and prepare to give any advice on the operation of refrigerating chambers. This will not only get the company’s customers ’ KHLADOTEHNIKA " , decided to buy a cooling chamber . Pros purchase Coldroom with us:     minimum installation time ;     service;     guarantee smooth operation. Buy a cooling chamber , which produces cooling and freezing of food products, as well as allow them to make storage in compliance with sanitary norms and rules . All refrigerators , that you can buy in Ukraine are divided into two types:     refrigerators ;     cooling chamber . Cold stores are able to maintain the desired temperature . They reassigned for temporarily storing therein the food product . Cooling chamber - the unit used for cooling, freezing and domorazhivaniya products. Transport refrigeration The safe delivery of food, medicine , organic materials in the road at a given temperature refrigerators provide road . This equipment shall affix an isothermal van on the car , which stores transported products . The company " KHLADOTEHNIKA " provides a range of services from design to installation of refrigerated vehicles for your business. System " ice water " Ice water is perfect cooling agent which is often used in the food industry in the production and storage of perishable goods. Refrigerant, which is used for cooling , for example, dairy products should have a number of indicators : to be environmentally friendly , cheap, does not evaporate, have a low viscosity . Ice water in this respect - the ideal tool . The task of ice water systems produce water as close to freezing - 0.5 1o . With this rather daunting task to manage the system " ice water " , design and installation which will take you to the company " KHLADOTEHNIKA ." We offer you all kinds of industrial refrigeration installation . Easy installation and reasonable prices - the fundamental features of cooperation with the company " KHLADOTEHNIKA ." You can familiarize yourself with our facilities in industrial cold supply in the relevant section of our website.