Service & Maintenance

Are you faced with a problem in operation of your refrigerating chamber, planning the maintenance of an air conditioning system or simply have questions about any aspect of your equipment? Qualified engineers with extensive experience in the installation, maintenance and repair services of various refrigeration equipment are at your service.

Our company provides a full range of maintenance services for various types of HVAC & R equipment and systems:

  • air conditioning systems;
  • cooling plants for storage chambers;
  • chillers for different purposes;
  • automatic control systems.

If equipment malfunction is identified our specialists will perform troubleshooting and repairing works of any complexity, including:

  • diagnosis and repair of refrigeration compressors of various types;
  • localization and elimination of leaks in heat-exchange equipment;
  • diagnosis and repair of automatic control systems.

Whether it’s a one-time repair or service maintenance on a regular basis - we will relieve you from the problems and guarantee the durability and reliability of your equipment.